Department of Finance and Administrative Services

The mission of the Department of Finance is to provide quality financial services and customer service excellence to our residents, employees, and vendors through the collection and disbursement of funds, accurate financial reporting, and responsible management of assets.

The Department of Finance is composed of six divisions and manages all financial aspects of City government:

Assessing (810)766-7255
Fleet Management (810)766-7499
Finance Division (810)766-7266
Information Technology Services (810)766-7155
Income Tax (810)766-7015
Purchasing (810)766-7340
Treasury-Customer Service Center (810)766-7015

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) oversees and directs all aspects of the City’s finances, including preparation and administration of the City’s Strategic Plan and Budget, preparation of financial reports, and oversight of accounting payroll, grant reporting, and purchasing.  The Director supervises the directors of Treasury, Human Resources, Information Technology, Purchasing, Assessing, and Fleet, and advises the City Administrator, Mayor, and City Council on all financial matters.


Finance Division

The Finance Division provides Accounting, Accounts Payable, Budgeting, Payroll, Purchasing, Grant Reporting, and Risk Management services. The Division prepares the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and the City’s Budget Documents.


The Assessment Division is responsible for maintaining the property records of the City. This includes establishing and maintaining assessed values of real and personal property.

Human Resources and Labor Relations

The Human Resources and Labor Relations Division oversees the recruitment and hiring of qualified employees in compliance with laws and ordinances, provides professional and technical advice in the development of personnel polices and contracts, and assists departments and employees in providing training and resolving disputes.

Information Technology Services

The Information Technology Services Division oversees the design, purchase, implementation, and operation of the City’s technology infrastructure, provides professional and technical advice to departments in utilization of technology, and identifies and provides technology related training.

Treasury-Customer Service

The Treasury Division is responsible for the collection of revenues, including real property taxes, personal property taxes, license and permit fees and other fees for City services.

Fleet Management

The Fleet Division oversees the specification, purchase, repair, maintenance and replacement of all city owned vehicles and wheeled equipment. In addition, Fleet provides professional and technical advice to departments regarding their vehicle and equipment needs.

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