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Parks & Recreation

Following the adoption of the Imagine Flint Master Plan, Flint Parks & Recreation became a function of the Department of Planning and Development. With this new leadership and direction, and with the help of our community partners and volunteers, the City of Flint stands committed to improving the quality and safety of our parks throughout the entire city.

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The J. Dallas Dort Flint Parks system was laid out by John Nolan in the 1920 City of Flint plan and included small parks and play lots within a five to eight-minute walk of each residential area. J. Dallas Dort (pictured left), a carriage maker and auto pioneer, was instrumental in developing the parks system by creating a parks board, providing financial support, and donating land for parks. Due to Dort’s leadership, the City of Flint adopted an ordinance to name the parks system the “J. Dallas Dort Memorial Park System”.


Whether it’s assisting with an event or help cleaning a park, we welcome community efforts! If you are interested in volunteering in Flint’s parks, please follow this link and submit the electronic form.


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2020 Parks Mowing Map Open File | Download
2020 Parks Brochure Open File | Download
2017 Adopt-A-Park Information Open File | Download
Rain Garden Brochure Open File | Download
Invasive Plants Poster Open File | Download

Parks & Rec Locations

Parks & Recreation
Berston Field House
Haskell Youth Community Center
McKinley Center
Brennan Senior Center
Monday-Friday 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Hasselbring Senior Center


Planning & Zoning
Monday-Thursday 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
Community and Economic Development Program Manager
Roy Lash
Parks Planner / Planner II
Gavin Bodnar