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Street Maintenance

Our goal is to implement processes, procedures, and activities that enable the City of Flint to efficiently maintain and preserve a multi-modal transportation network that meets the needs of all motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

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Snow and Ice Control Plan

The Street Maintenance Division’s snow and ice control operations are limited by the resources available. Our plan calls for “safe roads, at safe speeds” not “bare roads.” Roads are plowed, sanded, and/or salted to allow for safe travel at safe speeds, but drivers should still expect to see snow on the roadway during a storm. The City has been divided into six (6) areas, with downtown as a separate 7th area. Crews will be deployed to all six areas during an event where OVER four inches of snow accumulates within a 24-hour period so that all areas within the City receive a level of service to control snow and ice at the same time.

Street Repairs

The Street Maintenance Division is responsible for performing maintenance and preservation activities within the public right-of-way. Street Maintenance currently maintains 152.26 miles of major streets and 353.89 miles of local streets. Maintenance of city-owned streets includes paving, pothole patching, repairing pavement breaks, preventative maintenance, plowing, and sweeping.

The City of Flint is responsible for salting and plowing streets around Flint. However, Genesee County is responsible for maintaining highways and interstates, including I-75, I-69 and I-475. For information about road conditions on highways and interstates in and around Flint, contact the Genesee County Road Commission at (810) 767-4920.

Street Trees

Issues of dead or hazardous trees and fallen limbs or branches in the public right-of-way should be brought to the attention of the Street Maintenance Division. We will perform an assessment of the tree to help determine a course of action for maintenance or safe removal of the tree/limbs/branches.

Sidewalk Repairs

Per City ordinance, sidewalk maintenance is the homeowner’s responsibility. However, the Street Maintenance Division performs limited sidewalk repairs that are funded with Community Development Block Grant funds.

The 50/50 Sidewalk Replacement Program is a voluntary participation program through a partnership between the City of Flint and its residents where each party pays 50% of the total cost to replace concrete sidewalks. Contact Street Maintenance for more information.

Right-of-Way Permits

Contractors and residents performing work in the right-of-way must obtain a permit. Permits are required when excavating, breaking pavement, sidewalks or performing other activities within the right-of-way. If you need information on right-of-way permits, please call the Street Maintenance Division. If you need to OBTAIN a right-of-way permit, please visit the Building and Safety Inspections Department, located at City Hall in the South Building.