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Zoning Division

The Zoning Division provides site plan review, zoning information, property disposition and other services to the public. Zoning staff also work closely with the Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals and Historic District Commission in interpreting the code, creating new ordinances and implementing the Master Plan.

The button below opens an inquiry form to request information from Zoning Staff. Please be thorough and provide as much information as possible related to your request. Staff will intake and respond to complete responses as soon as possible.

Zoning Ordinance Materials

Resource Description Actions
City of Flint Zoning Code Current City of Flint Zoning Code. Adopted October 29th, 2022. Amended per Ordinance 230427 December 20th, 2023. Open File | Download
Article 8 – General Provisions Residential Information Standards regarding fencing, accessory structures, decks and patios, clear vision areas, swimming pools, etc. Note: A Zoning Permit is not required for fencing, however, Zoning Code standards must still be met. Please review the requirements in Article 8 carefully and check with Zoning staff if you are unsure whether your proposed fence meets the requirements. Open File | Download
Zoning Map of the City of Flint, Michigan Current Zoning Map, with amendments approved by City Council on December 20th, 2023. Open File | Download
Zoning Use Table Table of Uses permitted per zoning districts. Open File | Download
Zoning Districts Quick Reference Guide Summarized information for each of the City of Flint's zoning districts. Open File | Download


Resource Description Actions
Planning and Zoning 2024-25 Fee Schedule FY24-25 Fee Schedule - Planning and Zoning Open File | Download
Application for Zoning Permit Decks, Fences, Accessory Structures, Pools, Spas, Dwellings, etc. including new construction, additions, and alterations. $375 for commercial properties/uses. No fee for residential properties. Open File | Download
Application for Sign Permit Sign Permit Applications require a $375 Fee. Please review Article 15 of the Zoning Code for City of Flint signage standards. Setbacks are required on location maps for ground mounted signs showing the distance to the nearest property lines. Open File | Download
Application for Zoning Coordinator Review New construction of principal buildings and Permitted and Accessory Uses not eligible for Zoning Permit Review. Open File | Download
Application for Zoning Confirmation Letter $125 per parcel, cash or check made out to City of Flint. Open File | Download

Informational Materials

Resource Description Actions
Conceptual Meeting Checklist Prior to any development or redevelopment, applicants and/or their representatives are encouraged to contact the City of Flint Planning and Zoning Division to schedule a Conceptual Review Meeting, also referred to as a Pre-Development Meeting. The checklist details items to be provided by an applicant. Open File | Download
Public Participation Plan Adopted in 2022 with updates on August 8th, 2023. The City of Flint’s Public Participation Plan is designed to provide a framework for determining the appropriate type and amount of public participation required for various purposes, and also to identify a variety of communication and participation strategies that are appropriate based on the intended audience. Open File | Download
Commission Training Strategy Training Goals, Priorities, and Process for the City of Flint Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, and Historic District Commission. Open File | Download

Zoning Division Staff

Please make an appointment to ensure availability of in-person meetings. If you are unable to meet during standard business hours please let staff know and we can work with you to schedule time that is more accommodating.

Planning & Zoning
Monday-Thursday 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
Zoning Support Planner / Planner I
Dalton Castle
Zoning Coordinator
Brian Acheff
Interim Zoning Coordinator
Max Lester
Deputy Director of Business Services
Tyler Bailey