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Assessments Divison

The Assessments Division is responsible for maintaining the property records of the City of Flint. This includes establishing and maintaining assessed values of real and personal property.

Assessor Contact Information

Stacey Kaake, City Assessor, MMAO PPE

Assessments Division

The primary purpose of the Assessments Division is to estimate the fair market value, or “true cash value,” of all real and personal property located within the city of Flint. To estimate the market value, we use two years of sales and market data and collect information about properties. The State of Michigan Constitution and Statute require that, notwithstanding any other provision of law, the assessed values placed upon the assessment roll shall be at 50% of true cash value.

The Assessments Division is responsible for keeping records on all properties, including land and buildings. We are also responsible for property transfer affidavits, principal residence exemptions, land splits, and combinations.

Annual Notice of Assessment

A Notice of Assessment is mailed to each property owner at the end of February each year as notice of these values. This notice states on top “This is not a tax bill”. The only time these values may be appealed is during the March Board of Review. The dates and times of these meetings are on the Notice of Assessment. At the close of the March Board of Review, the values become final and cannot be appealed, with the exception of Commercial and Industrial Property, which may be appealed directly to the Michigan Tax Tribunal by May 31.

Board of Review Public Notices

Date Description Attachments
February 28, 2023
2023 Board of Review Meeting Public Notice

What happens to taxable value when a property transfers ownership?

(If you recently purchased your home, you want to read this!)

In the year following the purchase of a property, the Taxable Value becomes equal to the Assessed Value. This is commonly referred to as “uncapping.” In the second year after a property is purchased, the Taxable Value is again capped, and may only increase by the Inflation Rate Multiplier (IRM) or 5%, whichever is lesser of the two, provided there is no new construction or losses. In Michigan, taxes are based on Taxable Value. Taxable Value can never be greater than the Assessed Value.

When a property transfers ownership, the taxable value uncaps to the current assessed value. For an example:

2022 Taxable Value    45,352
2022 Assessed Value    60,000

Date of sale 10/31/2022

2023 Taxable Value    65,000
2023 Assessed Value    65,000

This is a STATE law and the local government or board of review have no authority to change this impact.

Unfortunately, Proposal A is typically no longer stressed to new buyers during the process of buying property in Michigan. The officials at the City are not aware of a transfer until after it occurs and become responsible for educating the new buyer. If your taxes are in escrow, please contact your mortgage company when you receive your assessment change notice, with the potential increase so they can adjust your payment. If not, you may see a significant increase in your payment next year.

Assessment Division Documents

Resource Description Actions
How To Read Your Assessment Change Notice Every year property owners will receive an assessment change notice around last weekend in February. This notice will let the property owner now what their new assessed and taxable values are, as well as giving them an idea of the amount their taxes will increase. Open File | Download
Special Assessment Exemption Affidavit For those properties purchased from the Genesee County Land Bank, which are included in the Brownfield Plan, and can’t be combined with your principal residence, this affidavit will waive the lighting assessment. They are accepted yearly in the month of April. Open File | Download
2023 Combination or Division Application This application is submitted if a property owner would like to combined their adjacent properties or split them. Open File | Download
Disabled Veterans Exemptions Affidavit These applications also go to one of the three (3) Boards of Review, and applicant must reapply every year. Open File | Download
2023 Poverty/Hardship Exemption Instructions Homeowners may apply to one of the three (3) Boards of Review, March, July or December, one (1) time each year and reapply every year. This exemption does not provide relief for your water bill and is not for renters. Open File | Download
BOD Rules Rewrite in 2020 the Board of Review updated the rules they must follow when hearing appeals. Please review before you make your appointment. Open File | Download

Assessment Division Sales Documents

Resource Description Actions
2023 Land Analysis Tracts 500-600 Open File | Download
2023 Land Analysis Tracts 300-400 Open File | Download
2023 Commerical Land Sales Open File | Download
2021-2022 sales for ECF Tracts 100-200s Open File | Download
2021-2022 sales for ECF tract 500-600 Open File | Download
2021-2022 ECF tract sales for 300-400 Open File | Download
2023 ECF Study Tracts 500-600 Open File | Download
2023 ECF Study Tract 300-400 Open File | Download
2023 ECF Study Tract 100-200 Open File | Download
2023 Land Analysis Tracts 100-200 Open File | Download