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Planning Division

Planning Division

The Planning Division works with current land use planning, future land use planning and future zoning. Using Imagine Flint, the city’s Master Plan, Planning Staff directs neighborhood stabilization, future growth, and revitalization efforts towards becoming a green, sustainable and healthy 21st Century Sustainable Community. By respecting the overall views and interests of the community and people who are impacted by specific projects or changes, we believe in working with people to build consensus solutions that improve the quality of life for Flint residents and community members.

Zoning Map

Current City of Flint Zoning with amendments approved by City Council on December 20th, 2023.

Comprehensive Plans

Resource Description Actions
Master Plan Implementation Task Groups Open File | Download
Master Plan Steering Committee Open File | Download
Master Plan Implementation Update – 2016 Open File | Download
Capital Improvements Plan – 2014-2020 Open File | Download
Imagine Flint Master Plan for a Sustainable Flint – Adopted 10/28/13 Open File | Download
1977 Comprehensive Master Plan PDF scan of the City of Flint 1977 Comprehensive Master Plan. This was later replaced by the 2013 Imagine Flint Master Plan. Open File | Download

Community and Neighborhood Resources

Resource Description Actions
Zoning Violation Reporting Form Open File | Download
Blight Elimination Framework Open File | Download
Property Lookup Open File | Download
Neighborhood Groups Map Open File | Download
Flint Neighborhood Plans Open File | Download
Neighborhood Resources Open File | Download
Community Calendar Open File | Download
Sub-Area Planning Open File | Download

Planning Staff

Looking for Planning staff? Please reach out here.

Planning & Zoning
Monday-Thursday 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
Choice Project Planner / Planner II
Diana Johnson
Community Planner
Dequan Allen
Parks Planner / Planner II
Gavin Bodnar
GIS Administrator / Planner
Keizzy Anpalagan
Director of Community and Business Services
Emily Doerr