Mayor's Office

Performance Dashboard

Citizens Guide to Finances and Performance Dashboard

The City of Flint is dedicated to the ideals of transparency, openness and accountability in government. To help us reach our residents and visitors with easy to understand financial information, we have partnered with Munetrix. Munetrix offers clear, understandable financials in a convenient, easy to use chart and table format. At a glance, users can find and interpret the financial information of Flint government that is important to them.

Using the Performance Dashboard in conjunction with the Citizens’ Guide and the next fiscal year projected budget provides users with a comprehensive view of past accounting, present performance and future projections in Flint financial operations. The City of Flint is proud to provide statistics regarding fiscal stability, economic strength, public safety and quality of life for all citizens to view through Munetrix. Other financial information can be found on the Finance Department’s website.