Mayor's Office

FAQ on Flint Water Progress


What is Flint doing to fix its water infrastructure?
What is Flint’s current water quality?
How do I comment on a water infrastructure project?
Does the City of Flint still use the Flint River as a source of water?
Why does Flint need a second water pipeline?
Is a backup supply of water required as part of the EPA settlement?
Why was Genesee County picked to supply Flint with backup water?
Does Flint use Detroit water?
Is Flint rejoining Karegnondi?
When will Flint’s lead service lines be replaced?
Why do I need to get a new water meter?
Do I still need a filter?
What do I do if my water smells unusual or is discolored?
Water Supervisor
Paul Simpson
Sewer System Maintenance
Jiggy Mitchell