City of Flint Water Quality Concerns

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The Reason We Changed…

The decision to switch to the Karegnondi Water Authority as the City’s permanent water source was made following extensive research and in-depth engineering studies. After entering into a contract with KWA and the subsequent termination of the existing water service contract by the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, the same diligence was given in determining what source water to use while waiting for the community supported KWA water to arrive. The City concluded from this work that the Flint River presented a safe and financially responsible alternative water source. The decision to use the Flint River as an intermediate water source was approved by state regulatory officials in 2014 whereby the City was permitted by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to proceed with treatment of water from the Flint River.

The document below features questions presented by concerned citizens and the city’s responses to those questions:

City of Flint Water System FAQ

All of the events surrounding the changes in the Flint water supply are available on our Water System Timeline.

Current System Compliance

The City of Flint Department of Utilities is dedicated to providing a high quality drinking water to the residents of the community. The Consumers Annual Report on Water Quality provides important information about your drinking water and is mailed once a year to all water customers. This report is a summary of the monthly operating report (MOR) and also contains operational information and statistics about the water and sewer systems. Download the Full Report

Substance Units MCL-G MCL Are We Compliant?
Alkalinity ppm N/A N/A Yes
Chloride ppm N/A N/A Yes
Chlorine Residual ppm 4 4 Yes
Flouride mg/L 4 4 Yes
Total Hardness ppm N/A N/A N/A
Turbidity (cloudiness) NTU <0.3 in 100% of samples <0.3 in 100% of samples Yes
Total Organic Carbon ppm N/A N/A Yes
Barium ppm 2 2 Yes
Nitrate ppm 10 10 Yes

Additional information about your drinking water is available by calling the Flint Water Plant & Facilities at 810-787-6537. General drinking water information can be found on the USEPA website at
For more information, please download our other Water System Reports:

Flint-TTHM-Operational Evaluation Report August 2015  | 2014 City of Flint Annual Water Quality Report | July 2015 Letter to Water Customers | July 2015 MOR | June 2015 MOR | May 2015 MOR | February 2015 MOR | January 2015 MOR | December 2014 MOR | March Water Quality Report | December Water Quality Summary

Additional information related to health concerns can be found here:
Trihalomethanes Fact Sheet
Hard Water Rash Fact Sheet

Water Facts

Want to know more information about City of Flint water?  Check out these helpful facts:

  • There are over 600 miles of distribution mains
  • There are over 7000 valves and 3909 hydrants
  • In 2006 there were over 46,000 users
  • In 2014 there were only 31,000 users
  • There are 10 test sites around the city
  • Over 100 tests are performed every month
  • Test are performed every 4 hours inside the plant

Download the full Water System Facts


The City of Flint has made a number of improvements to the water system since November 2014, including hiring outside consultants to provide professional recommendations, increasing our internal testing abilities, implementing process controls, and reductions in water hardness.

For a full overview of the improvements we’ve made to the city’s water system, please download the reports below:

Water Improvements (March 2015)

Water System Updates


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