Statement from Mayor Weaver on Suit Filed by MDEQ in U.S. District Court

Flint, MI – Mayor Karen Weaver issued the following statement Wednesday after the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality filed suit against the City of Flint as a result of City Council’s refusal to approve the Mayor’s water source recommendation:

“While disappointing that the state and federal government are now involved in making a decision we as City leaders should be making for Flint, I cannot say that I am surprised. We were notified that legal action would be a consequence of Council choosing not to meet the requirements set before them to approve a long-term water source for Flint. The recommendation I put forward months ago is the best option to protect public health and is supported by the public health community.

The recommendation I proposed would also allow the City to avoid a projected 40 percent water rate increase and ensure the City of Flint gets millions of dollars to continue replacing lead tainted pipes and make much-needed repairs to our damaged infrastructure so we are able to deliver quality water to residents.  The people of Flint have waited long enough for a reliable, permanent water source. Implementing my recommendation will provide that, and will allow us to move forward as a community and focus more on rebuilding our City.”

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