In April 2017, Mayor Karen Weaver announced her recommendation that the City of Flint stay with the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) as its primary source of water and utilize Genesee County as a secondary water source. After month of analysis and consideration, Weaver said staying with GLWA as the city’s primary water source would be the best option when you consider factors related to public health and being fiscally responsible.  Below are links to information considered by city officials which lead to the recommendation announced by Mayor Weaver:

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:
FAQ Sheet for Water Source Recommendation 2017

Information Reviewed on Flint Water Supply Options:
Review of Water Supply Options – provided to City Council 5/3/17 

Information about GLWA’s Wrap Program:
GLWA Board Approves $1.7M WRAP Reallocation_FINAL – 04282017

Master Agreement:

Final Approved Master Agreement for Long-term Water Delivery in the City of Flint

Updated GLWA Resolution Master Agreement – AS OF 11-20-17

Letter on appointment of City of Flint representative to GLWA board

Master Agreement revised 11-3-17

Financial Documents:

Statement of Principals:
Flint Water Source Recommendation – Statement of Principles

City of Flint Public Participation Plan:
Revised Public Participation Plan

Info. Card/flyer mailed to Flint Water Customers: (information printed in English and Spanish)

Info. Card on Pros & Cons of Water Source Recommendation (published locally)

Letter to City Council President & Flint Mayor from MDEQ 6-15-17:
MDEQ Letter to City Officials on Delay of Water Source Recommendation Vote

Public Participation/Feedback Received:
Public Comments Emailed to City of Flint on Water Source Recommendation

Pubic Comments Provided on Water Source Recommendation During Community Conversations

Public Comments Emailed to COF on Water Source Recommendation May 31, to June 12, 2017

PSA Airing on Local TV & Radio stations as well as Online: