Recently Point & Pay has been made aware of a scam promoted online.

The Federal Reserve Banks of New York, Atlanta, and Cleveland recently posted a notice warning against accepting checks or e-check that start with the following routing numbers:

ABA/Routing #0730 00338
ABA/Routing #0710 00301
ABA/Routing #0610 00146
ABA/Routing #0520 00278
ABA/Routing #0517 36158
ABA/Routing #0410 00014
ABA/Routing #0310 00040
ABA/Routing #0210 50466
ABA/Routing #0210 01208
ABA/Routing #0110 00015

To reduce any risk to our clients, Point & Pay will block the above ACH/Routing Numbers effective August 4, 2017.

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