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  • Important information about your service line replacement:
  • The homeowner or resident at least 18 years of age must be home and must give permission to excavate and replace the service line. The property owner will continue to own and be responsible for the water service line between the curb stop and the water meter inside the home.
  • First, work crews will excavate your service line to see if it consists of lead or galvanized steel. If any non-copper water service line materials are present, they will be replaced from the water main to your water meter. This will be done a NO COST TO YOU. You must have an active water account with the City of Flint to have your service line replaced, but you DO NOT need to be up-to-date on payments on your water bill. Pipes inside the residence beyond the water meter will not be replaced.
  • Your water will be shut off for a period of 4 to 24 hours while the line is being replaced. The contractor will make every effort to have your water restored the same day that installation begins. Please maintain a clear path to the water meter and clear material away from the water meter so work crews can run the replacement pipe to it.
  • The contractor will flush the water in your home for 15 minutes after the pipe is replaced to remove any residue or sediment from the water line. You should flush your pipes a second time for at least 15 minutes at the highest flow rate once the contractor has left. This additional water usage should add less than 10 cents to your water bill.
  • You will also be provided with a water filter and/or filter replacement cartridges if you do not already have them. Please continue to use your water filters for at least 6 months after service line replacement.
  • All turf areas disturbed will be seeded and mulched as soon as practicable. Pavement areas disturbed will be replaced with similar pavement surfaces. The city will not be responsible for any damage to trees or landscaping affected by the replacement of the service line.
  • If you have questions, contact the service line replacement office weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at (810) 410-1133 or email.
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