Planning & Development

The Department of Planning and Development is committed to ensuring the public safety, health, and well-being of Flint’s residents, businesses and visitors through targeted investment and rational, well-designed and physically integrated land use and development that advances economic prosperity, eliminates blight and stabilizes neighborhoods, protects the environment, and promotes a better quality of life in the City.

Marihuana / Marijuana / Cannabis Resources

Looking for ordinances and resources related to marihuana laws and licensing? These are available all in one place on our Marihuana regulations page.

Property for Sale

The City of Flint has several residential and commercial properties for sale.

Please see the Property Disposition Procedures below for the process to purchase Side Lots (Residential and Commercial), Buildable Vacant Properties, Properties with Structures, and Catalytic Redevelopment Parcels.

Property Disposition Documents

Resource Description Actions
Side Lot Disposition Flow Chart Open File | Download
Side Lot Disposition Application Open File | Download
City Owned Property Disposition Procedures Open File | Download


Resource Description Actions
Article 8 – General Provisions Information on fencing, accessory structures, clear vision areas, swimming pools, etc. Open File | Download
Interactive Zoning Map Website Visit to use the interactive zoning map website. Open File | Download
Zoning Use Table Use table showing use classifications by zoning district. Open File | Download
Zoning Map – October 29th, 2022 Open File | Download
CoF Zoning Code – Easy-Read Version City of Flint Zoning Code, easy-read version of Ordinance 220225 adopted Oct 29, 2022. Open File | Download
CoF Zoning Code – City Council Approved Ordinance 220225, adopted October 29, 2022. Open File | Download
Application for Sign Permit Sign Permit Applications require a $125 Fee. Please review Article 15 of the Zoning Code for City of Flint signage standards. Setbacks are required on location maps for ground mounted signs showing the distance to the nearest property lines. Open File | Download
Application for Zoning Permit Decks, Fences, Accessory Structures, Pools, Spas, Dwellings, etc. including new construction, additions, and alterations. Open File | Download
Application for Zoning Coordinator Review New construction of principal buildings and Permitted and Accessory Uses not eligible for Zoning Permit Review. Open File | Download
Application for Zoning Confirmation Letter Open File | Download
Application for Street Name Change Open File | Download
Application for Administrative Appeal/Interpretation Open File | Download
Application for Zoning Lot Open File | Download
Fee Schedule Open File | Download
Placebased Future Land Use Plan Open File | Download
Proposed Zoning Districts Quick Reference Guide Open File | Download
Zoning Code Update Open File | Download
Master Fee Schedule Open File | Download

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