Mayor's Office

Water main upgrades on Miller Rd. cause temporary disruption to water service

FLINT, Mich.—October 14, 2022

Work crews are transitioning the side streets from the old water main to the new water main on Miller Rd. today, Friday, Oct. 14. The Water Department had planned to shut off water at small sections of notified homes, but a problem with a valve caused the water to shut off further into the neighborhood than they anticipated. Water service will be restored within 1-2 hours.

When water service is restored, residents should check to see if water is discolored. If it is, residents should run cold water through every faucet until the water is clear. If it does not clear, call the Water Department at (810) 766-7202. Do not run hot water while it is discolored; it can cause sediment to damage hot water tanks.

Crews will be connecting Durand and Boston Streets to the new Miller Rd. main tomorrow, Saturday, Oct. 15.