Water Main Break Season in Flint

As the weather begins to warm, residents are reminded that water main break season is now in full effect. As the frost line underground shifts, so do water mains, and the result is often a break. The City of Flint had more than 400 water main breaks last winter.

When a water main breaks, repairs require digging up the area where the leak is thought to be, which often stirs up sediment in the pipe. The repair process is done on a priority basis, with the most severe being addressed first, and results in some disruption in service. Once repaired, customers in the area should not be surprised to see their water temporarily discolored once service is restored. While the water is still safe to use, running the water from the tap for a few minutes should clear the line of any discoloration or odor. Anyone with questions about repairs or any other water issues should call 810-787-6537.

Residents are encouraged to report possible main breaks by filing a report online or by calling the Water Service Center at 810-766-7202. Main breaks are not always as obvious as water gushing from a hole in the street. In many cases they can look like a trickle of water around wet pavement in the street where it is otherwise dry.

The City of Flint will continue to address main breaks as they happen and will keep residents informed with updates on significant repairs throughout the season with posts here on the website and by sharing information with local media.