Video Released to Help Inform Flint Residents about CORE Program and Workers

March 22, 2017 (FLINT, Mich)– Mayor Karen Weaver held a press conference last Wednesday to provide the public with more information about the Community Outreach Resident Education or CORE program, that was expanded a few months ago.

“As long as efforts are underway in Flint to repair our damaged infrastructure and replace lead-tainted pipes, we know that we need to continue using water filters,” said Weaver.

The CORE program was established to help ensure that Flint residents know how to properly install, use and maintain water filters so the filters can do what they are designed to do.

Many of the 160 CORE team members were at the press conference.

“These men and women are going door to door in neighborhoods across the City of Flint to provide residents with important information on filters, as well as information about programs and other resources available for residents to take advantage of,” stated Weaver.

CORE teams are comprised of Flint residents who have helped others overcome many of the same challenges others are facing.

“To date, CORE teams have attempted nearly 84,000 visits and connected with around 24,000 residents. We want to get that number up,” Weaver said. “Our goal is for CORE workers to connect with a resident at every home in the city. We know some residents are leery about opening their doors to people they don’t know, so we asked the workers and the CORE program director, Paul Newman, a long-time flint resident himself, to come today so residents can see who they are and learn more about what it is they have been hired to do.”

Mayor Weaver wants residents to know more about the CORE workers, the job they’ve been assigned to do and how they can help in hopes of easing concerns residents may have about answering the door the next time workers are in their neighborhood.

A video was shown of actual CORE workers talking about the job they are doing and how they feel it’s making a difference. As the city continues to try to recover from the water crisis many say it’s important that everyone does what they can do to help.

“We may be going through something right now, but there is a way out,” says CORE worker Rasheem Aubrey. “There is a miracle that is about to happen. We don’t have to be stuck for long.”

NOTE: There is a new Call for CORE Hotline. Residents can call (810) 238-6700 anytime if they need assistance or have questions about filters etc.