Mayor's Office

Traffic Engineering

The Traffic Engineering Division promotes pedestrian and traffic safety and utilizes best practices and innovative approaches to perform traffic control maintenance activities. The Division installs, maintains, repairs and utilizes traffic control devices to facilitate the efficient movement of vehicles and people and to improve traffic flow. Traffic Engineering’s primary functions involve the design, construction, maintenance and historical archiving of all traffic signals, signs and pavement markings within the City of Flint.

Street Closures/ Block Parties

The Traffic Engineering Division establishes all street closures and required detours. Work zones are setup and maintained for various City departments to ensure the safety of workers and the traveling public. Street closures are established and set up to close or block roadways for private block parties and work zones. Street closure permits must be obtained from the Traffic Engineering Division before closing or blocking any City street.

Special Events

Traffic Engineering Division coordinates with event sponsors to assist in planning and executing road closures/detours necessary for maintaining traffic in areas where special events will be held. Special events include but are not limited to: parades, road races, car shows, etc. that require closure of City streets. Special event applications are available for pickup at the Mayor’s Office, located at City Hall Municipal Center. Event sponsors must submit an application for approval 30 days prior to an event.

Oversize/ Overweight Permits

Traffic Engineering issues oversize/overweight right-of-way special use permits. Permits are required for anyone moving oversize equipment or vehicles through the City of Flint or to have stationary placement of any item that could impede the flow of traffic in the public right-of-way. Examples include but are not limited to dumpsters, equipment or barricades.

Traffic Signals

Traffic Engineering Division maintains, monitors and upgrades or removes traffic signals within the City of Flint. To report malfunctioning or damaged signals, please call (810) 766-7135.


Traffic Engineering Division maintains all regulatory, warning and directional signage located within the public right-of-way. To report missing or damaged stop signs or other signage, please call (810) 766-7135.