Update: City of Flint water storage supplies have returned to normal operating levels thanks to residents

FLINT, MI – The City of Flint thanks the community for coming together in response to recent community call-to-action to conserve water usage. Following a string of extreme temperature swings and water main breaks, back-up water storage supply levels were adversely impacted in the Cedar Reservoir and the elevated water tower. For five days residents were asked to lessen their water usage and were provided practical tips, such as not running the water while brushing teeth and encouraging baths over showers, to help conserve the vital resource. As a result of the collective efforts of residents and business owners, the City is pleased to announce that its back-up water storage supply has returned to normal operating levels. 

Older infrastructures with underground water pipelines are susceptible to extreme weather changes, which can cause frequent expansion and contraction of pipes to the point of breaking. When the pipelines break, water usage tends to increase and often places a strain on stored water supply. Following water main breaks occurring since early January 2022, the City’s average water usage had increased to more than 11 million gallons per day as compared to average daily water usage of 9.6 to 10 million gallons per day. This water usage decreased the Cedar Street Reservoir from 18 million gallons to 10 millions gallons of stored water. The City of Flint would like to have the reservoir always between 18 to 20 million gallons of water. 

To ensure ample storage supply in the future, the City is continuing efforts to provide an additional backup water storage system with construction of the Dort Reservoir and Pumping Station, scheduled to begin operating in late 2022. The new back-up system along with the Cedar Reservoir and Pumping Station and the elevated water tower would better ensure a continued water supply to residents and businesses in the future, in the event of an emergency.

• For water emergencies, questions, or concerns with water service call (810) 766-7202 [water] and (810) 766-7079 [sewer]. These lines are monitored 24/7. 

• For non-emergency questions or concerns email [email protected] This email is monitored by DPW department staff.

For the latest updates on Flint’s water infrastructure projects, visit Progress Report on Flint Water – City of Flint

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