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Mayor's Office

Statements egarding Shears vs. City of Flint Decision 8.17.15

In regard to the August 17, 2015 court proceedings in the case of Shears vs. the City of Flintin which Judge Archie Hayman of the 7th Circuit Court entered an order granting a preliminary injunction, officials from the City of Flint have issued the following statements.

“We are carefully reviewing the judge’s order to ensure the City is compliant.  As always, the focus is on providing services to this community including safe and secure water that all of our families and businesses depend on.”

Natasha L. Henderson,

City Administrator

“We will immediately file an appeal of the court’s order and seek a stay pending higher review.  It is our position the court should not have issued the injunction. The court abused its discretion by granting the injunction and ignored well established legal standards.”

Pete Bade,

City Attorney