Statement from Mayor Weaver on New Charges Announced by State Attorney General in Flint Water Investigation

December 20, 2016 (FLINT, Mich) — Flint Mayor Karen Weaver issued the following statement after Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette announced he has filed criminal charges against four former City of Flint officials, including state appointed emergency managers Darnell Earley and Gerald Ambrose, for decisions made that investigators say led to the Flint water crisis.

 “I’m glad more and more people are being held accountable for this man-made water disaster,” said Mayor Weaver. The people of Flint need and deserve justice for what happened here and I appreciate the work Attorney General Schuette, Prosecutor David Leyton and the entire team is doing to bring justice to Flint.

The leaders in charge at the time could have prevented this disaster, but they didn’t. They did not protect the health and well-being of the citizens of this city and that’s wrong. They didn’t even listen when residents spoke up saying there was a problem. That is how we got here and everyone who had a role in allowing this tragedy to happen must face the consequences of their actions.”