Statement from Mayor Weaver on Legal Representation for Former City Employees Named in Flint Water Crisis Litigation

January 26, 2017 (Flint, MI) —I share the concerns of Flint residents who continue to speak out regarding the City of Flint being responsible for the legal fees of former employees accused of actions that may have led to the water crisis. However, I understand that state and local law obligates the city to cover these costs.  The City of Flint has been complying with these laws by providing former officials and employees with in-house legal representation in effort to help control costs.

Due to the many pressing issues facing the City of Flint in-house representation is something we can no longer do therefore, we will seek to provide outside counsel for these individuals. While the state has agreed to reimburse the city for the legal expenses of former Emergency Managers Earley and Ambrose, we continue to seek state assistance with the remaining legal expenses as they are an additional financial burden faced by the city as a result of the ongoing water crisis.