Mayor's Office

Statement from Mayor Weaver on Judge’s Order that City Council Make a Decision on Long-term Water Source

(FLINT, MI) – Mayor Karen Weaver issued the following statement today after reviewing the order handed down by Judge David Lawson in the suit filed by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality against the City of Flint as a result of City Council’s refusal to approve a long-term water source recommendation. Judge Lawson’s order states that the City of Flint, including all appropriate branches of government, “must choose a long term source of drinking water that satisfies EPA’s Emergency Administrative Order, as amended, and sign all requisite agreements to implement that choice on or before October 23, 2017”:

“After months of research and consulting with experts, in April of this year I presented City Council, and the citizens of Flint, with a viable long-term and back-up water source recommendation. My recommendation, to continue getting our water from the Great Lakes Water Authority, proved to be in the best interest of public health by avoiding another water source switch, which could result in unforeseen issues.

The recommendation I put forth would also avoid a projected 55 percent water rate increase and ensure the City of Flint gets millions of dollars to continue replacing lead tainted pipes, and make much-needed repairs to our damaged infrastructure so we are able to deliver quality water to residents.  The people of Flint have waited long enough for a reliable, permanent water source, and implementing my recommendation will provide that. I appreciate Judge Lawson for recognizing there is no need to wait to make a decision that could have, and should have, been made months ago. We can only hope that now City Council will put the people of Flint first, and comply with the judge’s order so we can move forward.”