Mayor's Office

Statement from Mayor Weaver on Future of PODs in Flint

(FLINT, Mich)— Next week, it will be two years since Mayor Karen Weaver declared a State of Emergency in the City of Flint, due to a man-made water disaster. Since then, a number of steps have been taken to improve the quality of water in Flint. While the City is indeed on the road to recovery, Mayor Weaver feels there is still work that has to be done before the water crisis is completely over.

However, not everyone shares that thought. City and state officials attended a meeting tonight where advisor to the Governor, Rich Baird, commented that if the results of water quality tests conducted in Flint in November and December of this year, are the same or better than test results shown over the last year, the state-funded Points of Distribution (PODs), also known as water resource sites, could close in January 2018. Mayor Weaver released the following statement after learning of Baird’s remarks:

“While I am glad that water quality in Flint continues to improve, as it relates to lead, I still have concerns about the PODs closing and free bottled water no longer being provided to Flint residents. I need to hear from the medical and public health professionals on this issue first. This is a public health issue, and I am taking my lead, my direction, from the medical community.
Before I can support this move, I need to hear from the doctors we have been working with for the last two years. Professionals including, Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, Dr. Pamela Pugh, Dr. Lawrence Reynolds and the Greater Flint Health Coalition. I need to hear from them before I can get behind this decision and I would hope that state officials would ask for their professional opinions as well, before shutting down the PODs. The health and well-being of the people of Flint is too important. We must put them first.”