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Mayor's Office

Statement from Mayor Weaver on findings of evaluation into Flint Water Crisis by the Office of Inspector General for the EPA

October 20, 2016 (Flint, Mich) — “I have reviewed the findings of the evaluation conducted by the Office of the Inspector General for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It is deeply troubling to learn that according to the review, the EPA had reliable information indicating that the water in Flint was contaminated and residents were at risk several months before the EPA took action and issued an emergency order.

To this day, the people of Flint still cannot drink water straight from the tap without a filter to remove lead and other chemicals that could cause them harm. In this country we have agencies and policies in place to help ensure the well-being and safety of men, women and children, yet they failed when it comes to the man-made water disaster in Flint. Those responsible must be held accountable.

This is why we are holding the state and also the federal government responsible for the Flint water crisis, and to provide the resources needed to repair the damage that has been done. Leaders and agencies on various levels failed to protect the residents of Flint. This failure is yet another reason why Congress should release the much needed funds for Flint as we work to recover and rebuild from this man-made water disaster. “