Mayor's Office

Statement from Mayor Weaver on EPA Study on Filters

June 24, 2016 (FLINT) — “I’ve met with officials from the United States Departments of Environmental Protection Agency and Health and Human Services to discuss the findings of the EPA study on water filters and their effectiveness on removing lead. It is reassuring to hear that the results of the study show the water filters do work to remove lead and work even better than we thought.

I appreciate the work the EPA has done with this study. One of the issues addressed is the importance of making sure the filters are installed properly. It’s critical that Flint residents are educated on the effectiveness of the filters and how to use them correctly. We are taking steps to do that through our town hall meetings and with help of a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor, and in cooperation with our local partners, GST Michigan Works! We are going to recruit and hire local residents to be Filter Education Liaisons to assist with the installation of filters and replacement cartridges to help ensure that the citizens of Flint are well informed and those who need assistance can access it. It’s also important that residents continue to have their water tested for lead using the at-home test kits and remember to replace the filter cartridges when needed.

There is still a need for bottled water because for example, some homes have faucets where the filters don’t fit. The federal government will continue to supply bottled water through August according to the emergency order and the state has committed to continue providing supplies beyond that.

While it’s good to know the majority of us can safely drink filtered water, filters are not the ultimate solution to the problem in Flint. We still need new infrastructure, replacing the lead-tainted pipes in the city remains my top priority.”                                      

Note: For more about the Filter Education Liaison position visit in the Hot Jobs section or stop by Employment Services at GST Michigan Works! located at 711 N. Saginaw Street in Flint.