Mayor's Office

Statement from Mayor Weaver on Call by ACLU of Michigan & NAACP-LDF that City Council Impose a Moratorium on Property Liens

Mayor Karen Weaver issued the following statement Tuesday after receiving a letter from the ACLU of Michigan and NAACP-LDF:

I welcome the support and input of the ACLU of Michigan and the NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund as this difficult and unfortunate situation has brought another dark cloud over the city and the progress being made to recover from the water crisis. The City of Flint is legally obligated to comply with some city and state statutes that are not suitable or appropriate when you consider the extenuating circumstances we are still facing.

It could be a tremendous help if all parties would come to the table with an open mind as to what options will best benefit the citizens and the City of Flint as we work to rebuild.  In the meantime, we will continue to work within the governance structure, evaluate what will provide for the best outcomes, and make the best decisions we can to help us achieve the balance needed to become a sustainable city.”