State Notifies Flint City Officials Water Credits Will End Soon

*Update posted February 10, 2017:
Mayor Karen Weaver has requested a meeting with Governor Rick Snyder to discuss the decisions made by state officials to end the water relief credits being applied to the accounts of Flint water customers and the funding for the source water from the Great Lakes Water Authority. Mayor Weaver wants the public to know she and her administration have been working hard to secure the support and services the people of Flint deserve after being impacted by the ongoing effects of the water crisis through no fault of their own.

“I want the people of Flint to know we are still fighting for what is right,” said Mayor Weaver. “I am disappointed by the announcement from the governor’s office especially after we were told the credits would last at least until March 31. The lack of consideration there seems to be for the residents is also concerning because we know people need time to prepare for changes like the credits no longer being provided.”

Letter from Gov’s Office on End of Water Relief Credits

(February 10, 2017) FLINT, Mich. — A senior advisor to Governor Rick Snyder has sent Flint’s Interim Chief Financial Officer, David Sabuda, a letter to inform him the credits currently being applied to the water portion of Flint utility customers’ accounts will no longer be provided after February 28, 2017. State officials note the latest 6-month cycle of water testing that had results below the federal action level for the Lead and Copper Rule (LCR).  They said the result supports the findings of the November 2016, testing from sentinel sites showing Flint’s water had a 90th percentile value of 8 ppb and cite the outcome as reason for discontinuing the credits.

The letter stated due to these new levels, “the payments of water credits on Flint’s active water customer accounts which have covered water usage since April 2014, will continue for water used through the end of February.” 

Therefore, the March billing statements customers receive will be the last bills that include the state water relief credits of 20% for commercial accounts and 65% for residential. Overall, officials say more than $40,400,000 in water relief credits has been applied to the accounts of Flint water system customers. 

In addition to the credits ending, after this month the state will no longer provide funding for the water the City is currently receiving from the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) which amounts to about $1.2 million a month.  

“I am aware that the water quality in the City of Flint is improving and that is a good thing,” said Mayor Karen Weaver. “We knew the state’s assistance with these water related expenses would come to an end at some point, I just wish we were given more notice so we at City Hall, and the residents had more time to prepare for the changes.”

According to state officials, there will be no changes at this time in the operation of water distribution sites located in Flint. Residents will still be able to visit the sites to receive free water filters, replacement cartridges, bottled water and at-home water testing kits.

“I appreciate all the work everyone has done to help the citizens and the City of Flint move forward,” said Weaver. “We will continue working to fully recover from this water crisis and make sure residents have the resources, services and support they need. Two Community Help Centers are now open, we have the water distribution sites and a list of new services available that I hope residents take advantage of.”

Customers with financial hardships who may need help paying their water/sewer bill should call the Customer Service Center at (810) 766-7015, or come to Flint City Hall to discuss payment options with a representative in person.