State Court of Appeals Reverses Injunction Against Mayor Weaver/City of Flint in Waste Collection Dispute

September 29, 2016 (Flint, Mich) – The Michigan Court of Appeals today ordered that the injunction issued by Genesee County Judge Farah last month against the City of Flint/Office of Mayor is REVERSED. The court states that the order is to have immediate effect. Mayor Weaver issued the following statement after learning of the ruling:

“I am pleased that the State Court of Appeals has again ruled that I indeed had the authority to utilize my power as Mayor when I asked Rizzo Environmental Services, the lowest responsible bidder, to start collecting trash in Flint and requested that Republic discontinue its services.
In light of today’s developments, I have asked that crews from Rizzo temporarily resume collecting trash in the city. We are working to ensure Flint residents receive uninterrupted service as this transition takes place. I want to thank the residents of Flint for their patience as we continue negotiations to reach a more permanent agreement on waste collection in the city.”