Special City Council meeting will be called to consider trash contract

FLINT, Michigan–Mayor Sheldon Neeley will call a special meeting of Flint City Council next week to again ask members of the Flint City Council to take action to ensure waste collection services continue uninterrupted in the City.

City Council attempted to unilaterally set terms of an extension for waste service during its meeting Wednesday, June 30, 2021, despite being told repeatedly that it would not fulfill the City’s needs.

Mayor Neeley continues to work with the service provider on behalf of the residents of the City of Flint. As an act of goodwill, Republic Services has agreed to continue providing waste services to the City of Flint for the immediate future so that the health, safety and welfare of residents is not jeopardized by City Council’s failure to pass a resolution allowing Flint to go forward with a short-term contract extension that had been negotiated in good faith by both parties. 

City Council’s idea to provide only a 30-day extension has not been accepted by the service provider and, in fact, is not workable for the City because a new long-term contract for waste services is not expected until approximately Oct. 1. 

Because of City Council’s failure to act, the City of Flint does not currently have a contract in place to provide trash pickup to residents. 

“We are thankful to Republic Services for stepping up and being willing to fill this gap, but we need a resolution to this issue. We cannot leave this critically important service to residents in limbo with no guarantees for continued service,” Mayor Neeley said. “Again, this is basic governance. We hope and pray a majority of City Council members will choose to act in the best interest of residents and our community.”