Mayor's Office

Snow Removal Update: Focus on Clearing Residential Areas

Updated February 5, 2015

The City of Flint continues to make progress removing snow from roadways in accordance with its Snow & Ice Control Plan. Work in the residential areas today will be on clean up, including snow piles at intersections, clearing dead ends and other areas missed on initial passes. During snow removal efforts, residents are asked not park in the streets in order to provide plow crews enough room to complete their work.

If your street has not yet been plowed, please call 810-766-7343.

As the Snow & Ice Control Plan continues to be implemented, data is being gathered in order find ways of improving it. In this way, the plan will be able to adapt to the needs of a given event and boost future efforts.

The Snow & Ice Control Plan’s target of completion is 72 hours after the end of a storm with approximately 24 hours for primary roads and 48 hours for residential areas, but that timeline is dependent on the volume of snow and whether another event occurs while efforts are already underway.

More snowfall is expected this coming weekend and Flint crews will be on standby to ensure a response in accordance with the City of Flint Snow & Ice Control Plan.