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Residential restoration of Flint residents’ lawns and sidewalks restarting today

City of Flint and State of Michigan partner to fund and complete the work

Work is restarting today to restore residential lawns, sidewalks, and road surfaces where lead service line replacement work has been completed.

The City of Flint is partnering with the State of Michigan to complete restoration of over 1,800 homes. By transferring Flint’s existing engineering and construction contracts to the State of Michigan, funds can be added from the State to ensure that the work proceeds as quickly as possible.

Out of $97 million in State funding allocated to Flint’s lead service line excavation, replacement, and restoration, the City of Flint expended all but $1.1 to $1.2 million, while the cost to complete the remaining restoration work required under the NRDC/Concerned Pastors settlement agreement is approximately $4,754,500.

“I want to thank the State of Michigan for its steadfast partnership as we continue to work together to heal the wounds of the Flint water crisis,” Flint Mayor Sheldon Neeley said. “Every lawn left unrestored is an unhealed contusion from the catastrophe that our community has survived. We will never forget, but we will heal, continue to provide resources to the most vulnerable among us, and move forward as a strong community.”

“This agreement is another stride forward in an ongoing partnership with the City of Flint and residents that has helped rebuild Flint’s drinking water infrastructure, restore neighborhoods where the work was completed, and renew trust,” said Phil Roos, director of the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE). “Every resident deserves confidence in their drinking water and to live in a safe, thriving community. We are pleased to bring resources to bear to support Flint in this work.”

City of Flint residents can pick up free faucet water filters at Flint City Hall in downtown Flint and the City of Flint Service Center on Clio Rd. Free water testing kits are also available for pickup.

The City of Flint has completed 29,777 water service line excavations and identifications, including 10,529 lead service line replacements. The remaining lines were copper and did not need to be replaced.

The City of Flint’s water has tested below lead action levels for more than 7 years.