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Raises for police and fire personnel stalled by Flint City Council inaction

Last night’s Flint City Council Special Affairs Meeting ended at 9:30 p.m. with no action on city business, including contracts for police and firefighters. This means that police and fire personnel are still waiting on raises that have been successfully negotiated by their unions and the city administration.

“This is very disappointing for both police and fire staff who have been working diligently with the promise of pay increases,” Flint Fire Chief Theron Wiggins said. “When agreed upon changes are delayed, it jeopardizes our credibility with our valued labor unions and can impact our ability to attract and retain staff. This has real consequences for our first responders.”

Paralyzing behavior, often led by councilperson Tonya Burns, resulted in the breakdown of last night’s meeting.

“As public servants, city councilmembers are tasked with delivering on negotiated contracts for deserving and hardworking public safety employees,” Flint City Administrator Clyde Edwards said. “We appreciate the partnership of several councilmembers. But others have lent their efforts to disrupting essential city business to the point of holding the city hostage.”