Department Of Public Works


The vision of the Public Works Department is to be a well-managed and well trained workforce that utilizes all available resources, technology, and collaborative means to maintain the City’s above and underground infrastructure and facilities.


The Department of Public Works is committed to the development of qualified managers and workers with consistent ongoing training, data driven decisions, and the improved ability to measure job performance. The DPW will aggressively engage in strategic local and state level partnerships while continuously implementing new and improved technologies, procedures, and policies.

The City of Flint Public Works department oversees the Utilities and Transportation Department along with the managerial oversight of all City owned facilities.

We are continually striving to provide efficient services for the public that are both measurable and transparent.

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The Public Works Department encompasses the following areas:

Transportation (810)766-7135
Street Maintenance (810)766-7343
Traffic Engineering (810)766-7135
Water Department (810)766-7202
Water Pollution Control (810)766-7210
Sewer Department (810)766-7079
Water Treatment Plant (810)787-6537


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