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PSA Airing, Postcards Mailed to Help Inform Residents of Water Source Recommendation

FLINT, Mich– On April 18, 2017, Mayor Karen Weaver announced her recommendation that the City of Flint stay with the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) as its primary source of water and utilize Genesee County as a backup water source.

“I believe staying with GLWA as the city’s primary water source is the best option when you consider factors related to public health and when it comes to being fiscally responsible,” said Weaver.

Weaver said her primary goal when deciding on a recommendation was protecting the public’s health. If Flint stays with GLWA, the City would avoid having to switch water sources again and therefore bypass any problems that could arise in the process.

“This will help protect residents from any issues that could occur,” Weaver commented. “It would also eliminate any fears or anxieties people may have about another major change taking place with our water.”

Mayor Weaver’s recommendation is just that, a recommendation. After the announcement, a 30-day public participation period launched to give residents an opportunity to weigh in on the plan. The 30 day comment period ends on May 20.

The mayor has since held a town hall meeting where she encouraged residents to send their questions and feedback to the email address: [email protected]. Information on the water source recommendation is posted here on the City of Flint website, for the public to review.

A Public Service Announcement (PSA) has also been created. Residents will soon hear the PSA on local radio stations. It can also be seen on TV, social media, and the City of Flint website.

Community Outreach and Resident Education (CORE) workers going door-to-door in Flint neighborhoods to ensure every resident has information on how to properly install and maintain their water filters will also be providing residents with bright orange door hangers with information about the water source recommendation. Additionally, the City will also be mailing postcards to water customers containing details on the plan. Information on the door hangers and postcards is printed in both English and Spanish (backside). Flyers are also available at the Information Desk at Flint City Hall and will be at water distribution sites.

Other efforts being made to inform residents:

  • Mayor Weaver/members of administration have been attending block club and other community meetings to provide information and gather input.
  • Print ads with details on the water source recommendation will appear in local newspapers, The Courier and in the Flint Journal both this and next Sunday.
  • Digital ads will also be shown on
  • For the hearing impaired, a video has been created featuring an American Sign Language interpreter. The video will be posted on the City of Flint website and the City’s Facebook page.

“We are listening to residents and doing everything we can to get accurate information to the public and to be as transparent as possible,” said Mayor Weaver. “It’s important for Flint residents to be informed, and for us to hear from them and get their feedback on the suggested plan before a permanent decision is made.”

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