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Police Chief Reports Crime Down in Flint

January 6, 2017 (Flint, Mich)– Flint police chief Tim Johnson held a press conference with his command staff Friday to help shed light on the current state of crime in the City of Flint. Johnson, who was appointed chief of the Flint Police Department in early 2016, presented the end of year crime statics for 2016 and said the numbers show crime in the city is down across the board from reported criminal sexual assaults to homicides.

“The crime stats show our efforts are making a difference as we work to make this city safer,” said Johnson.

Those efforts include reinstating the Crime Area Target Team (CATT Squad). Johnson said the CATT Squad was instrumental in helping to get more than 100 guns off the streets and more than $100,000 in cash. He also noted of the 45 homicides on record for 2016 (down from 49 in 2015), nearly 80 percent of those cases have been solved.

“Our solvability rate is well above average,” said Johnson. “It shows that you may commit a crime in Flint, but you won’t get away with it. You will suffer the consequences of your actions.”

Johnson thanked the officers for their hard work. He also thanked the residents of Flint for passing the public safety millage.

“It’s because the citizens supported us and voted for the millage that we are now recruiting for new police officers and will be able to get more officers on the streets.”

The police department is looking to hire about eight full-time officers and eight part-time officers. A plan is also in place to bring on 20 reserve officers.

“We are making progress, but there is still a lot of work to do,” said Johnson. “We are working hard to make this city a better place, a safer place and that’s what the residents of Flint deserve.”