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Officials Answer Questions about Mayor Weaver’s Water Source Recommendation

Primary and Secondary Water Source Recommendations

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I submit question or feedback on the water source recommendation?
Questions and comments can also be shared with city officials at the following email address as part of the 30-day public comment period regarding this recommendation:    [email protected]

What is the primary and back-up water source recommendation?
Mayor Karen Weaver and City of Flint officials recommend that the City of Flint stay with Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) as its primary source of water and utilize Genesee County as its secondary (back-up) water source.

What are some of the cost savings under this recommendation?

  • Relief for residents: Flint residents would gain access to a low income assistance program to help pay their water bills;
  • Pipe replacements: It allows the City of Flint to use federal funds to update the city’s aging distribution system, through programs like the FAST Start Pipe Replacement Initiative, through the Drinking Water Revolving Fund Program;
  • Bond Payment Debt relief: While Flint remains ultimately responsible for its 28-year, $7 million average annual bond obligation to the Karegnondi Water Authority (KWA), the burden of that debt service will be offset by contract credits Flint will receive based upon transfer of its raw water rights to GLWA; and
  • Return of the 72-inch transmission line back to the City of Flint

What are some other benefits of this recommendation?
This recommendation helps Flint position itself to build a new state-of-the-art Water Distribution System that is sized appropriately for the City of Flint and equipped with features such as real-time monitoring of water quality, new pumps, and smart meters.

How many water source options were reviewed?
More than a dozen water source options were analyzed. In the end, protecting public health was the primary consideration. (See link to water supply option analysis chart below)

How long did it take to reach this recommendation?
After months of research, analysis, and collaboration, Mayor Weaver chose to recommend that Flint stay with GLWA as its primary water source because it was found to be protective of public health, fiscally responsible, and addresses social and economic concerns that are critical to the City of Flint.

What does this recommendation mean for Flint residents?
Continuing with GLWA means Flint would not have to switch its water source again. This reduces concerns or uncertainties that may result from another change in the water source, especially at a time when the water has improved and is now meeting federal and state lead action level standards. Continuing with GLWA maintains a known and approved water supply.

Will this recommendation impact my water bill?
As a GLWA customer, Flint residents would have access to a low income assistance program to help with water bills. This recommendation is the lowest-cost water source solution, which will minimize rates in the long-term.

Does this recommendation only impact Flint?
This recommendation provides for a regional approach, which not only benefits he City of Flint, but also Genesee County, as well as GLWA customers in the area who are provided additional redundancy and reliability through this new regional partnership.

Reaching this tentative agreement was a collaborative effort and partnership between the City of Flint, Genesee County, GLWA, KWA, and the State of Michigan to make sure residents of Flint have access to high-quality, affordable drinking water

What happens next?
After the 30-day public comment period on the proposed recommendation, City leadership will meet with Flint City Council members to discuss the results of the public participation period and recommend a specific drinking water source. A press conference will be held and a coordinating press release will then be issued to announce the final decision that takes into account community feedback.
Click below to view the City of Flint Water Supply Option Ranking: