Steve Branch has served as the Interim City Administrator for Flint since October of 2017. Mayor Weaver initially appointed Branch to the Chief of Staff position in March 2016.

The City Administrator of Flint, is responsible for the day to day management of all City departments working to ensure that goals outlined by the City Council are implemented. The City of Flint is still operating under the authority of the state appointed Receivership Transition Advisory Board (RTAB). However, in January 2018 state officials granted city officials more governance authority, and reduced the authority of the RTAB. Upon the Emergency Manager’s exit, a final Executive Order was issued which outlines the roles and responsibilities of the City Administrator. This order will remain in place for as long as the RTAB oversees the finances of the City.

In accordance with the order the City Administrator performs high level administrative, technical and professional work in directing and supervising the day-to-day management of city government. All department heads of the City report directly to the City Administrator.

Other essential duties of the City Administrator Include:

  • Serves as the chief administrative officer in implementation of executive policy, strategic planning, Master Plan activities and directs the management of day-to-day-administrative activities and appointed staff officials.
  • Assembles financial and management information; meets and confers with City department heads to gather and assemble pertinent data and information and recommendations for the Mayor and City Council’s consideration in making executive determinations and policy.
  • Translates executive decisions and policies of the RTAB and Mayor into administrative procedures for the cost effective and efficient operation of the City.
  • Implements legislative action of the City Council as approved by the RTAB.
  • Monitors and manages the administrative inter-activity of City departments so the delivery of public services represents an efficient, effective and coordinated effort.
  • Interacts with other governmental agencies as requested by the RTAB, Mayor or City Council.
  • Prepares and reviews correspondence, reports, speeches, resolutions, and other material for public relations purposes. Answers citizen and official inquiries regarding City policy matters.
  • Directs the preparation of the agenda for City Council meetings.
  • Attends RTAB, City Council, and Council Committee meetings advising members, and makes recommendations to committees consistent with policy objectives, strategic planning and administrative activities.

The full order pertaining to the duties and responsibilities of the City Administrator can be found here.

Contact City Administrator:

[email protected]

1st Floor City Hall
Phone: (810)766-7346

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