Oak Business Center

To create jobs by helping entrepreneurs and small businesses access resources they need for growth and long term success.

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Our Facility

Conveniently located just north of downtown Flint, the incubator provides high quality space for companies to conduct business. It accommodates more than a dozen offices, two conference rooms, kitchen, and work center.


Oak Business Center


  • Daily Management and Administrative Support
  • Conference Room with Multi-media Access
    Expert Consulting Services
  • Use of Office Equipment (fax, copier, postage equipment, etc)
  • In-Office Workstations
  • Assistance with Small Business Financing
    High Speed Internet Access
  • Education in Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing and Other
  • Business Disciplines
  • These services combine to provide significantly lower overhead costs and one on one serve that aids growth and success. Most smaller companies cannot afford to hire this type of support; it would be too demanding on their operating capital.

Community Partnerships

The Incubator, a project of the City of Flint, is supported by the E-Team, Genesee County Chamber of Commerce, the business community and local and state governments. The Incubator maximizes opportunities to expand its resource base by working closely with community partners and other businesses and employment directed organizations.