Mayor's Office


Police Chief Activates Special Events Curfew during Back to the…

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Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Mayor Weaver and City of Flint

Aug 09, 2017 Read More

Pipes Replaced at 2,920 Flint Homes To Date through Mayor’s…

Aug 08, 2017 Read More

Notice to City Residents Who Vote at Eisenhower School

Aug 08, 2017 Read More

City Officials Announce Completion of Climbing for Life Safety Initiative

Aug 07, 2017 Read More

Flint City Clerk’s Office Will Be Open Saturday, August 5,…

Aug 02, 2017 Read More

Michigan Voter Information Center

Aug 02, 2017 Read More

Deadline for Absentee Ballots is August 5

Aug 02, 2017 Read More

FAST Start Crews Replace 2,692 Pipes So Far in Flint

Jul 31, 2017 Read More