Mayoral Executive Order Prohibiting Harassment and Bullying of City Employees press release 5.9.2022

May 9, 2022

Press Release 
Mayoral Executive Order Prohibiting Harassment and Bullying of City Employee
On Thursday, May 5, 2022, Mayor Sheldon A. Neeley issued an Executive Order to combat harassment and bullying of City employees.
“As Mayor, I have zero tolerance for bullying or harassment. City employees need to know they are protected from these acts while in municipal buildings and facilities. We will respond to any and all employees reported by city employees and any behavior that violates this Executive Order will result in disciplinary action.”

1.     I issue Executive Order 22-001 as reasonably necessary to protect the mental, physical and emotional health and safety of City of Flint employees.

2.     The City of Flint has zero tolerance for all threats of violence or conduct which creates a hostile, abusive or intimidating work environment as stated in the city policies including but not limited to the Violence in the Workplace Policy.

3.     Any employee who experiences, observes harassment or bullying of City employees in the course of their employment shall report the prohibited conduct to their supervisor and/or Human Resources/Labor Relations.

4.     All supervisors must notify Human Resources/Labor Relations of any allegations of harassment and bullying that are reported to them, regardless of whether the report is verbal or written.

 5.     Employees who violate this Executive Order will be deemed to be in violation of the City’s policies and will be subject to  disciplinary action including but not limited to suspension and/or termination.