Mayor Weaver Urges Republican Leaders to Support Funding for Flint’s Recovery

Mayor and con ChaffetzMarch 14, 2016 (Flint, Mich) — Flint Mayor Karen Weaver took U.S. Congressman Jason Chaffetz, and other republican leaders, on a tour of Flint’s water plant Saturday.

“The people of Flint are very grateful that House Chairman Chaffetz cares about Flint and is willing to visit to learn about how he can help our community fix its water infrastructure, protect our children and families from lead pollution, and begin the healing and rebuilding process,” said Mayor Weaver.

Representative Dan Kildee D-Flint Township, and other Michigan congressmen took part in the tour as well, including John Moolenar R-Midland, Tim Walberg R-Tipton, and Bill Huizenga R-Zeeland.

“This is an issue that we have to solve and learn from,” said Rep. Huizenga.

While informing the lawmakers about the man-made water disaster in Flint and where things stand now, Mayor Weaver stressed that a significant amount of funding is needed in order for the city to recover. A bipartisan federal aid package for Flint and other lead-impacted communities is pending in the U.S. Senate, snagged by a hold from Senator Mike Lee, who is in the Utah congressional delegation with Chairman Chaffetz.

Mayor Weaver said, “Chairman Chaffetz knows how serious the water and health problem in Flint really is.”

She urged Rep. Chaffetz to press Senator Lee to stop blocking much needed funding for the crisis in Flint.  She asked him to be a leader in the U.S. House of Representatives when the legislation is considered there.

Congressman Chaffetz serves as Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform committee. The committee is holding hearings about the Flint water crisis. Governor Snyder and others are set to testify before the committee this week. Chaffetz said he, like others, is concerned about the issue and he wants to get to the bottom of it. He said, “the system totally failed and people need to be held accountable.”