Mayor's Office

Mayor Weaver says Notice Filed to Preserve & Protect City’s Future Right

April 1, 2016 (Flint, Mich) – The following is a statement from Flint Mayor Karen Weaver on the city’s action taken last week to submit a “Notice of Intention to File Claim” with the state of Michigan to address the ongoing effects and issues facing the city as a result of lead tainting the city’s water supply:

“As Mayor of Flint, I have every intention of continuing my efforts to work with Governor Rick Snyder and other state officials to seek resolution in all aspects of the Flint water crisis. I have no intention at this point of having the City of Flint sue the state. However, the City of Flint would have forfeited its right to file a lawsuit in the future if I had not filed an official “Notice of Intention to File a Claim” by the March 25 deadline. As the elected leader of Flint, I needed to preserve the city’s right to pursue a legal remedy if it is determined a lawsuit is necessary in the future.”

“It is my expectation that we can continue working with the state to help Flint recover from this water crisis. I called Governor Snyder today to re-affirm our commitment to work together for the benefit of the families of Flint.”