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Mayor Weaver Issues Statement on Lead Found in Newark Drinking Water

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FLINT, MI (08/13/19) — In a statement made on Monday afternoon, Flint Mayor, Dr. Karen W. Weaver addressed the issue of lead contaminated water in Newark, New Jersey:


“I was devastated to turn on my television only to find another community in America is now relying on bottled water due to lead contamination. I immediately thought of all of the residents and how they were effected and what they must be feeling.

It is time for this Country, for Congress, for the President to act as it relates to infrastructure. We knew that Flint was not the only place facing such a crisis, we were just the most publicized and we warned against the dangers of not dealing with failing and aging infrastructure all over the country.

Our hearts are truly with the residents of Newark, we are here if they need us. We stand with Newark and any other community who is facing the same challenge that we are facing. This is America and everyone within its borders deserve safe, affordable drinking water.”