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Mayor Weaver Issues Statement on Latest Development in the Flint Water Crisis Investigation

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FLINT, MI (06/13/19) — In an announcement on Thursday afternoon, Solicitor General, Fadwa Hammoud and special prosecutor, Kym Worthy announced that the Flint Water Prosecution Team will expand its investigation based on new evidence and dismiss cases brought by former special counsel. Flint Mayor, Dr. Karen W. Weaver, issued the following statement in response:

“I am happy to see that this case is being handled with the seriousness and dogged determination that it should have been handled with from the beginning.

The residents of the City of Flint deserve justice, we deserve to have every single person involved investigated. There were millions of documents and a lot of devices that should have been turned over that would have aided in getting the justice that we seek.

How can our community regain any trust and respect from all branches of government when all levels failed them, then you allow the people you are prosecuting to decided what evidence they want you to have? This is once again an entire administrations clear lack of respect for human life and common decency, another attempt to cover up what should have never happened to begin with.

Residents who still live here and who chose to move as a result of this crisis matter, and everyone responsible for what happened here should be held accountable.”