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Mayor Weaver Issues Statement on Announcement Made by Mahindra Automotive North America

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FLINT, Mich. — Mayor Karen Weaver issued the following statement regarding the earlier announcement today from Mahindra Automotive North America:

“I am extremely optimistic and hopeful that Flint will be selected as the expansion site for Mahindra Automotive North America’s manufacturing facility.  Buick City is an ideal site for many reasons, including size, infrastructure, and location.  I have said all along that economic development and jobs are key to Flint’s recovery.  We are well on our way and 2000 additional jobs will quickly advance us on our path of economic recovery. We have an eager, skilled workforce and it is certainly consistent with Flint’s pioneering history for Mahindra to select Buick City for their first large scale manufacturing operation in the United States.

My staff and I are ready and waiting to work with Mahindra.  We have been in conversations with MANA and its contractors, as well as the MEDC, Flint Genesee Chamber of Commerce and RACER Trust, and we are committed to making this project happen.  We are eagerly anticipating their final decision so we can continue moving Flint forward.”