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Mayor Weaver Announces Summer Hydration Stations


July 6, 2018 FLINT, Mich. — This summer, Nestlé Waters North America is providing donated Ice Mountain 100% Natural Spring Water to Flint youth through a “mobile hydration station.” The hydration station will be visiting a variety of city events throughout the summer to help ensure healthy hydration for Flint’s youth now that school has ended and summer activities have begun.

“I’m pleased to announce that during the summer months, youth in our City will have access to water while they are at summer camp.” Mayor Karen Weaver stated. “It is important for parents to know that during these extremely warm days, their children will be properly hydrated.”

This newly created mobile hydration station is the next step in Nestlé Waters North America’s support of Flint residents, which began in the fall of 2015. As the temperature heats up, youth and community members can enjoy fresh, clean Michigan spring water using provided cups or by refilling their own water bottles.

“Nestlé Waters North America is happy to help bring healthy hydration to Flint’s youth during the hot summer months”, said Jason Manshum, Manager of Community Relations for Ice Mountain. “Our newly created Ice Mountain® 100% Natural Spring Water ‘hydration station’ is the next step for us in our support of Flint residents, and offers an easy, mobile way to enjoy fresh, clean Michigan spring water while out in the community.”

The hydration station will make its debut at the opening ceremonies of the Greater Flint Olympian Games at Houston Stadium on the Southwestern High School campus and will be present at other events throughout the summer months. The hydration station will visit other camps, community events and games in Flint such as Movies Under the Stars, City of Flint’s Field Day, the Flint Development Center and more, pouring Ice Mountain Spring Water for all, for free!

The hydration station is in addition to the three semi-trucks of bottled water Nestlé Waters North America is providing to the three Flint Help Centers each week.



Starting on Tuesday, July 10 through Labor Day.



  • The Hydration Station is a 20-foot trailer
  • Inside, 12 5-gallon containers of Ice Mountain Spring Water feed into 6 external taps
  • It’s mobile, making it easy to move from event to event throughout the day!


Throughout the summer, residents can check the “events” section of the Ice Mountain Natural Spring Water Facebook page to find out where the hydration station will be next.