Mayor's Office

Mayor Responds to Recent Letter from EPA on Spending Plans for Water Infrastructure Improvements

Flint, MI – Mayor Karen Weaver issued the following statement in response to a recent letter from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), regarding the City’s plans for spending state and federal funds approved for water infrastructure improvements:

“This EPA letter was sent to reset the Consent Order requirements, now that the newly elected Flint City Council has made a decision on the City’s future water source. In selecting the Great Lakes Water Authority as the primary long-term source of water for Flint, we know that the public health concerns associated with utilizing a new water source have been minimized. This allows us to now proceed with the implementation of the required projects associated with the City’s long-term water plans.

Now that this important decision has finally been approved by the new Council, we can move forward with planning our next steps which include informing the EPA of specific actions Flint will take to study, plan, design, construct and communicate the required activities associated with its future water source. We have addressed, or are in the process of addressing, all of the issues contained in the letter and expect to have the requested information to the EPA by early January.”