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Mayor Neeley presents second State of the City: Building a stronger Flint

FLINT, Michigan — Mayor Sheldon Neeley delivered his second State of the City highlighting a stronger Flint, community partnerships, and progress on Flint water infrastructure as many of his administration’s achievements during his second year in office. The 30-minute address was broadcast on Channel 17 and presented to Flint City Council on Tuesday, December 14, 2021.

Mayor Neeley gave updates on the City’s continued strategy to address issues including public safety with the declaring a state of emergency in the City of Flint due to gun violence and the reopening of five police mini stations, major economic development accomplishments that brought in more than 350 jobs and over $84 million in new investments, building a stronger community with upgrades to five community parks, and the completion of Clark Commons.

“There has been so much collective work that has enhanced the progress we’ve made in many areas of service to the residents of Flint. It is through Prayer, Planning and Partnership that we have moved our community forward over this last year,” Mayor Neeley said. “And now we will build a stronger Flint.”

He also introduced CFO Rob Widigan, Khalfani Stephens Director of Economic Development, and Mike Brown Department of Public Works Director, to highlight priorities in the areas of finance, economic development, road and water infrastructure in 2022. The top priority will continue to be on repairing the city’s water infrastructure and moving forward on projects that will safeguard the city’s drinking water now and in the future.

An infrastructure priority for 2021 to develop a plan and major investment in repairing local roads and installing new speed control measures included repaving 5th Avenue at the 475 expressway, resurfacing 19 miles of road, and replacing 661 sidewalk squares. In addition to the purchase of speed humps for traffic control.

“I’m focused on us building a stronger Flint – because the city’s future depends on it,” Mayor Neeley said.

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Mayor Neeley highlighted the the success of reprogramming and installing new efficiencies in the Finance Department to rebuild systems accountability, presented a $71 million 2022-22 balanced budget, proposed spending categories for the $94.7 million dollars in ARPA funds, and celebrated the Flint Fire Department being fully staffed.

“There is work to accomplish the goal of a stronger Flint for a sustainable future, but we got this! We will build that stronger foundation. Obstacles will always be ahead, but we will remain steadfast,” Mayor Neeley said.

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