Mayor's Office

Mayor Neeley commits $2 million to city’s ongoing work to Fight Blight

FLINT, Michigan—Mayor Sheldon Neeley announced today plans to increase the City of Flint’s efforts to Fight Blight by committing $2 million in federal funds to the work. 

The City of Flint will receive $99 million as part of the American Rescue Plan. Blight was one of five key issues identified for potential funding by Mayor Neeley in a communitywide update last week. While results aren’t scientific, Blight also currently ranks as the No. 1 issue in a community survey issued after the communitywide update. 

“Unfortunately, our city has seen years and years of neglect, but this $2 million will allow for a massive increase in our cleanup efforts and help us to move our city forward in a positive direction,” Mayor Neeley said. “As we continue to make strong headway in fighting blight, we now have the ability to add more resources to the fight without losing focus on other community priorities.” 

Mayor Neeley said the funding will go through the standard budgeting process and be used to hire additional personnel and purchase equipment.

Additional investments in public safety as well as the city’s senior and community centers will be announced soon, Mayor Neeley said.